Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another Telephone scam

I mentioned earlier this week that I had phone calls recently from incompetent fraudsters claiming to be from "British Telecom" (a trade name which British Telecommunications PLC still owns but stopped using 27 years ago and replaced with the trade name "BT.")

Unfortunately a rather better informed, and therefore more dangerous, group of conmen has also been phoning people and impersonating BT employees. This group of fraudsters claim to be from the BT company Openreach.

Police have warned that callers claiming to offer services from Openreach such as increased internet speeds have been telephoning people at home.

The fraudsters offer a refund to residents as compensation for poor internet speeds and in order to make that payment and to improve internet speeds they are requesting remote access to the computers owned by the people receiving the call.

This is a scam and no refund or improved service is provided.

Instead money is taken from the victim's bank account without their knowledge.

Be vigilant, do not feel under pressure, and hang up the call if you are asked for any personal details, or access to your bank account and to report this to the police and Action Fraud.

Hat tip to Cumbria Crack.

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