Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Hatgate" row continues

There have been important announcements today about Inflation and about training new doctors.

The country is engaged in a serious diplomatic row with Russia and three people are still seriously ill in hospital after nerve gas was used in an attempted assassination in Britain.

Most people are discussing what we do about Russia, how we handle Brexit, and how we improve the NHS.

But the hard left show their true priorities - celebrating their success in getting rid of the moderate general secretary of the Labour party and his replacement by someone who, according to a Cumbria Labour MP on twitter this evening, "has said she wants all Blairites to leave the party." and working up an amazing head of steam over whether BBC Newsnight photoshopped a hat.

Yes, that's right. There has been a huge fuss on social media and in certain parts of the press about whether the BBC altered a picture of a hat.

Channel 4 factcheck have weighed in with the truth about "hatgate" here ...


Jim said...

and in other news there still has not been a page 3 girl in the sun all this time. Some one on east enders is a complete sod, and you need to see corination street to understand why what that man did is bad.

mean while back in the real world, what the hell is "Hatgate"?

Chris Whiteside said...