As the dust settles ...

Was busy campaigning and then at the verification of the count from 7am on Thursday morning until 3.30 am this morning, and then from 10 am until the Copeland AV result was declared at 8.30 pm - the last council in the North West to declare.

Not much change in Copeland although I and my colleagues were not successful in Bransty. The ward has a well-deserved reputation for kicking each party in turn in the teeth every few years, and having been successful in 2007 and 2009 we were on the other side this time. (And incidentally, that is not a complaint. I think Copeland would be a much better-run council if more of the other wards had Bransty ward's willingness to change.)

The AV referendum result in Copeland was:

NO: 16,687 (a fraction over 75%)
YES: 5,627

I will put the other election results on here in the next few days. Congratulations and best wishes to all candidates of whatever party who were declared elected today.


alistair said…
Chris good luck in the future The loss was not for lack of hard work you did the work of three men. I hope that you will be here in two years to fight the county elections

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