Pot calling the kettle black award

If there were an Olympic gold medal in a “pot calling the kettle black” category, the comments by Allerdale Labour councillor Barbara Cannon headlined “Cowards left dirty work to us” on the front page of the News & Star last week would qualify her as a very strong contender.

Every criticism she uses about the previous Alliance administration in Allerdale can be applied a hundred times over to the last Labour Government.

It was her party which put in place the financial regulation regime under which the banks got into trouble and had to be bailed out.

It was her party which let the Government deficit reach 25% of spending – in other words they were spending four pounds for every three pounds coming in, a completely unsustainable position.

That’s why, under her party, the national debt doubled to £1.2 trillion, and the interest on that debt reached £25 billion a year, more than the country spends on schools.

Debts which children not yet born will still be paying off 20 years from now.

That’s the mess which not just Allerdale council, but every council in the country, every taxpayer, every business, and every public sector worker from policemen to care assistants, from teachers to nurses, every older citizen faced with retiring later, is having to help clear up.

"Leaving the dirty work to us" - or as Labour's outgoing Chief Secretary to the Treasury put it "There is no money left."


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