Gone with the wind

I mentioned that it was windy last night. Apparently some parts of the county clocked 91 mph winds. Ouch!


Anonymous said…
i got home and found most of next doors washing in a puddle in my garden.

felt so bad for her, she is an eldely woman who lives alone. i could not take it back to her without giving it a full Wash/Dry/Iron.

The best part is that she thanked me and said of course I would have done the same myself. I also belive that, it is the people of Copeland who make our area.

Politcaly we may be divided, but when it hits the fan "united we stand" Heres to the people of this great area.
Chris Whiteside said…
Anonymous: thanks, I agree. The people of Cumbria can be wonderful, especially when things get difficult.

Albert - if you want to re-submit that poem without the line which referred to a human body part I will let it through.

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