Thoughts on the death of Bin Laden

One of my differences with the late Osama Bin Laden is that I do not think it is ever seemly to celebrate the death of another human being - even one as evil as he was.

That word, "evil," is so grossly over-used in our society that it seems inadequate for someone who could calmly plot to hijack four airliners full of passengers and deliberately crash them into buildings where thousands of civilian men and women were working - and a man who could do so in the name of a God described as "The compassionate, the merciful" in spite of the fact that some of the passengers on the aircraft and in those buildings were fellow-worshippers of the same God.

However great the risk that he may be wrongly seen as a martyr by people who are nearly as twisted as he was, it was reasonable for the USA to seek to bring him to justice - and to use deadly force when he refused to surrender.

This is the man who once told the West "We love death as much as you love life."

Finally he has what he said he wanted.


jim said…
The problem here is its a classic case of mind control. He had the ability to mould the minds of people.

"The US loves life, we love death"

Bin Laden did love death, as long as it was the death of his followers or westerners. This is why he spent the last 10 years hiding in caves and saving his own skin. Sure he loved death, just not his own.
Tim said…
I have to say, evil and revolting as this man was, those deaths that he was responsible for pale into insignificance when compared with the truly industrial scale of killing acheived by the United States and its proxys since World War 2. Vietnam, East Timor and Central America are just a few of them. Let's also not forget that this kind of Islamic fanaticism was originally bankrolled and organised under the presidency of Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s as a way of getting at the then Soviet Union - what goes around, comes around.
jim said…
so Osama Bin Laden is dead - again

this is at least the 12th time he has been reported at being dead. - ok

So can we have some evidence - we are are saying we buried him at sea so no autopsy or further dna testing can be done.

the dna results came within 6 hours, now a basic student can tell you it takes 16-24 hours for a dna test, and thats after you get the sample to the lab!

you identified him using facial recognition, can you release the shots then so we can too - no, the face is too messed up for people to see,

SO HTF can recognition software work???

im not saying i think the american administration is lying, but at the same time i dont think they are telling the truth.

people no longer trust the word of a politican, following years of being lied to who can blame them? then the politicians brand people who would like something as silly as evidence, as doubters and idiots

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