Interesting Labour view of "Ken Week"

Since I'm discussing the row over Ken Clarke I'd better start by making clear that

1) Rape is a serious crime. Full stop.

2) Great efforts should be made to ensure that those who are guilty of rape are convicted and face serious punishment. Full stop.

3) Any person who reports that they have been raped should be treated with great sensitivity and their allegations properly investigated. Full stop.

None of which alters the fact that the issues around sentencing policy are a lot more complex and difficult than some people who have commented on the government's proposals and Ken Clarke's comments have made them appear.

There is an interesting article by Dan Hodges on the subject on "Labour Uncut" which you can read here.


Jim said…
Dont think i should comment on Ken Clarke, other than to say he needs to think about what he says before he says it. Lots of things can sound in a context you did not mean to.

Chris Huhne, and his guardian apologist Martin Kettle, are a different matter. Perverting the course of justice is a serious offence, so serious in fact it attracts a first-time prison sentance. Ask Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken.

I can forgive a slip of the tounge, some murders are nastier than others, but the bottom line is its still murder, and all are serious. Rape is a terrible crime, one of the worst. It ruins lives. is brutal rape worse, well i guess it is because the horrible crime of rape has been commited AND the horrible crime of GBH has been committed.

You see rather than saying "less serious rape" he should have used the Rape plus other offenses line.

see if someone, hurts, then beats up then rapes someone I think they should be sentanced for individual crimes, in this case
ABH - sentance of x time, GBH sentance of x time, Rape sentance of x time to run concurrently.

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