Commemorating 2nd June 2010

There will be a series events to remember the victims of last year's shootings over the coming week.

Residents of Copeland are being encouraged to take part in a two minutes' silence at noon on Thursday.

There will be a short commemoration event in St Nicholas's Gardens, Whitehaven on Thursday, which I had previously heard would start at 11.30 am, but press reports and the council website now state that this will start at 11.55 am, and conclude with a two minute silence at noon.


jim said…
I have seen a message to all staff at work that it will be a 2 minute silence, for those who cant make the events due to work commitments.

The silence starts at 12:00 on thursday (Jun 2nd)
Chris Whiteside said…
Yes, indeed. The start to be 11.55 am for the event in the church gardens, and I am amending the post accordingly.

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