Thoughts on Recycling

It's a very windy evening in Whitehaven, and I have just spent a rather difficult 45 minutes trying to position the boxes containing a large amount of recyclable waste - glass bottles, plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard - at the front of my property so that the recycling team from Copeland Borough Council will pick them up when they come down the street at about 7am tomorrow morning, but in such a way that everything won't blow all over the street in the meantime.

There is a wind trap in front of my house, and if I could leave the material at the bottom of my drive it wouldn't blow away, but unfortunately that would be too far from the road and the recycling team would probably miss it.

But it's absolutely frightening how much stuff there is to put in for recycling. Certainly better to try to recyle this than burn it or put it in landfill, but we still need to ask ourselves as a society whether we really should be producing so much packaging.


jim said…
agree about the packaging.

I dont really bother with the recyling box thingy, as everything normally ends up blowing around the drive way. Perhaps a wheelie bin arangement with a lid would be a better idea.

In the mean time i use the box and bags to carry any recycling to the dumpsters at tescos.
Jim said…
another thing about packaging is the lastest fashion for packing things in the mould sealed plastic wrappings that are totally impossible to open with out hurting your self. You at least need scissors to open them up, and they sell scissors wrapped up in them.
when you do finally rip the packing apart what ever you just bought flys across the room and smashes something.

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