Weekly bin collection

According to the Daily Telegraph, the government is to offer incentives to councils to return to weekly refuse collection.

I hope that the terms are generous enough to enable councils where a reasonable political will exists to take up this deal.

However great the need to encourage recycling, fortnightly bin collections have been associated with some real environmental health problems, including problems with rats and seagulls, and some spectacularly embarrassing decisions - continued fortnightly collections can only lead to more headlines like the ones Copeland Council generated by taking a family from Whitehaven to court over a bin which was four inches too full.


Jim said…
I cant say its really been a problem. But there are only 2 of us living in our home. Perhaps if i had a family then my proritys would change, however until then i would much rather see money being spent fixing our diabolical roads.

Fortnightly collections are not so bad if you do the recycling, just drop it off in the dumpsters when you go to tescos. not so difficult really (unless of course you dont drive, then it may be a problem as you cant exactly carry it on the bus)

Just after 2 weeks my black bin is rarely more than half full, and i think there are more important issues than weekly bin collections
Jim said…
only a thought but would it be cheaper and better for health, to allow people with say 4 or more family members to apply for a second (maybe smaller) wheelie bin.

As far as i can see the wheelie bins prevent the rats and problems, and i think it would be cheaper to use this approach than to return to a weekly collection.

Only an idea and if its a pathetic one I can accept that, but to throw ideas into the open for descussion cant be a bad thing.

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