Britain's "First coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution"

Yesterday (Friday 20th April 2018) was, according to the national grid, Britain's first day when no coal was used for power generation since we have had a national grid.

It has been described as Britain's first coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution although I put that in inverted commas in the title of this post as we cannot be certain that one of the small number of households with a coal fire used it.

Considering what a warm couple of days we've had, I would not expect that there would have been too much coal burned by anyone other than the National Grid either.

This is actually very good news because in terms of damage to the environment, coal without carbon capture is one of the dirtiest fuels there is.


Jim said…
lots of charcoal will have been burned on BBQs.

Friday was actually my best day for electricity production since i had the solar panels installed.
Chris Whiteside said…
Fair comment.

Yes, I imagine that solar panels would have done well yesterday.

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