Congratulations to William and Kate

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child.

I see there has been wall-to-wall coverage of this happy event, but I don't think it is at all surprising, after the year or two that we as a country have had, that lots of people both among press and public should want to take the chance to enjoy a bit of good news.


Jim said…
had you asked me a decade ago if the monarchy would have survived the death of Elizabeth II, then my answer would have been no. I just cant see the public accepting the current Prince of Wales as Charles III, and I certainly can't see any appetite for Queen Camilla. I really don't think the public will accept it.

However, I am now convinced for Charles to abdicate his position and pass direct to William, and Queen Catherine (or as we all know her Kate) will be acceptable to the public. That's actually the only way I can see the continuation of the UK monarchy.

Chris Whiteside said…
If we're both still around in twenty years' time I will bet you a tenner that the monarchy will still be in place and that Charles will be or will have been King for at least part of the intervening period with very little opposition from the public.

If the Queen had died around the turn of the millennium it might have been a very different matter, but that is now water under the bridge.
Jim said…
Ok will take you on that one, on the condition that "at least part of the intervening period" means for over 2 years.
Jim said…
have to have that, as at the moment the law states that we cant have no monarch, so Charles will instantaneously take that role. It will take a while for public opinion to change that.
Chris Whiteside said…
OK, done. Just to confirm, the bet is that on 26th April 2038 the monarchy will still be in place and that during the intervening period Prince Charles will have been King for a minimum of 730 days.

Bet void if either of us dies first. I will be delighted to pay up if Queen Elizabeth lives long enough to prevent the above proposition coming true, you also win if Charles reigns for less that two years through death, abdication, abolition of the monarchy, or never becomes king.
Jim said…
brilliant, deal :)

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