Guido's quote of the Day

The current quote on Guido Fawkes' parliamentary blog "Order, Order" is by former Labour MP and shadow minister Michael Dugher on how Jeremy Corbyn might have responded to the Nazi threat in 1939:

Suspect Jeremy in 1939 would have argued that the League of Nations needed more time to investigate “alleged” German aggression in Poland and called for the violence “on all sides” to cease.


Jim said…
I always keep asking why? In this case its why target and hit empty buildings, Putting it all together though, I suspect Iran is next. make a note of it.
Anonymous said…
Lets start a war - anything to distract us from Brexit
Chris Whiteside said…
Britain did not start the war in Syria and it has been going on since long before the Brexit vote.

I don't see how any sane person considering the details of the military action taken on Saturday - the fact that they warned Russia first and made sure no Russians got hit, the fact that the strike went in at 4.00 am local time to minimise casualties, the fact that they specifically aimed at chemical warfare facilities and not the regime's forces in general, and that they bent over backwards, apparently successfully, to avoid killing innocent civilians - without coming to the pretty damned obvious conclusion that the people who planned this were determined to minimise the risk of escalating the war.

Why hit the buildings? They wanted to make the point that you cannot using chemical weapons with impunity and make it harder of Assad to use them again while minimising the risk of ending up with World War III.

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