Many a true word ...

I am pleased to see that Yulia Skripal is well enough to be discharged from hospital and that her father is no longer on the critical list.

Since it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that someone tried to kill them, any sane person will understand why Ms. Skripal, and Sergei Skripal if and when he becomes well enough to leave hospital might not want her location known.

I find the comments by the Russian Embassy that they would view any possible resettlement as an "abduction" to be extremely childish and further evidence that they have no interest in working responsibly with other countries to rebuild the international bridges which have been greatly damaged by this affair.

It remains highly probable that the Russian state was culpable in the matter of the Salisbury assassination attempt and it is necessary to user proportionate means to make it clear to them that this is not in their interests.

"Proportionate" in this context means proportionate both to the offence and to the strength of the evidence. Nobody is proposing to start World War III over this or over what has happened in Syria (on which more in the near future) and nor should they, but diplomatic and economic measures such as the expulsion of Russian "diplomats" who are actually spies and the imposition of sanctions against Russian "dirty money" were and are appropriate responses to the Salisbury attack.

Meanwhile the "NewsThump" satirical website have a spoof article here about those on social media who have been coming out to bat for the Kremlin which reminds me of the saying that many a true word is spoken in jest ...


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