More details of the North Shore proposed improvements in Whitehaven

Details of the consultation on Cumbria County Council proposals to improve road safety and traffic flows in the North Shore/Bransty Row area can be found on the council website at

the first of two drop-in session is open now (afternoon of Tuesday 10th April 2018) at Wetherspoons Bransty Arch, 5 Bransty Row, Whitehaven, CA28 7XEuntil 6pm today.

The second session will be held on Monday 23rd April, from 3pm-7pm at the Tesco Superstore, Bransty Row, Whitehaven, CA28 7XY.

The proposed scheme includes:
  • introduction of traffic light controls on Bransty Row/North Shore Road junction
  • improved pedestrian crossing points and links between the harbour, the new developments and the town centre's historic core
  • enhancement of the road junction at Tangier Street/George Street to improve traffic flow and facilitate development
  • relocation of southbound bus stop on Bransty Row and northbound bus stop to Tangier Street relocation and tripling of provision for taxis to reflect forecast increased footfall in the area
  • reduction of the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on a section of Bransty Row
  • public realm improvements to enhance the gateway into Whitehaven.

Local residents and anyone with an interest in the proposals are invited to have their say and discuss the scheme with Cumbria County Council.


Jim said…
The first point is a terrible idea, put in a roundabout.

the second could work as long as they are zebras, not pelicans.

the rest with the exeption of the speed linit are pretty good
the speed limit is fine as it is, a modern car at 30 mph can stop in no time at all.
Anonymous said…
£2.5million for a set of traffic lights.
Chris Whiteside said…
To take the last point first, there is a lot more to it than a set of traffic lights.

One thing which makes it more expensive than you might imagine to do anything in this area is that there are a lot of utility services under this road, some of which may have to be moved.

Jim's suggestion about a roundabout sounds very similar to comments which both I and several other councillors made when we first saw the proposals on 23rd January and indeed the officers went away to have another look at whether they could make that work. They came back to Highways working group on 23rd February and explained why they thought this was not the best solution, though they did significantly improve the sightlines and capacity of the junction at the Northern end of Tangier Street.

The plans issued at Local Committee did give details of the other options which have been considered.

I would urge anyone who has concerns or issues with the proposals to look at the plans in the library and/or come to the second public meeting and submit a formal response.
Jim said…
i just cant help but think,

we all know the A595. ok lets take a trip from Bigrigg to the SunnyHill pub.

we there yet? what do you mean you are stuck at westlakes and then the top of bankers hill on mirehouse road, and then on the hensingham bypass (you got on to that quick enough from mirehouse) and then again at the top of Inkerman. my that was a struggle.

tell you what, go from the sunny hill pub to the Premier inn near Stan palmer (where the sheep and wool used to be) - oh, what do you mean that stretch was so much easier and so simple as you have passed 7 roundabouts rather than just 4 sets of lights.

But it is, and it works better.

Fill up at Morrisons in Whitehaven and then try to get out, its a night mare. do the same at workington with a mini roundabout and its quite simple (even though B&Q and Halfords, Currys/PC World and pets at home generate much more traffic than the stores at whitehaven)

Roundabouts just work better than traffic lights do.

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