Thanks a Million

Quite a milestone for this blog this morning.

At 9.55 am BST the hit counters recorded the one millionth pageview on this weblog since they were set up ten years ago.

That does not quite put this blog into the same league as Political Betting, Guido Fawkes or Iain Dale, but in terms of total visits this site has one of the highest readerships among UK political blogs. It has also lasted much longer than most, especially in terms of longest continuous operation.
This site was set up in February 2005 and has been regularly updated since then with no breaks between updates longer than one gap of a few weeks in 2013 when the Conservative candidates department asked potential candidates for the 2014 (and, in the event, last) European parliament election not to update our websites during a "purdah" period while party members were taking part in a postal ballot to select candidates.

Thanks to all those who have visited this blog over the past thirteen years and I hope you have found it interesting.


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