Britain's National Shipbuilding Strategy

The Conservative government has announced a refresh of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

As a global trading island nation with a proud maritime heritage, shipbuilding is an important part of the UK’s industrial identity. The shipbuilding industry supports 42,600 jobs right across the country and adds £2.8 billion to the UK economy . It supports a vast supply chain and skilled jobs around the country in both the civil and defence sectors and delivers worldleading capabilities for the Royal Navy. Given its footprint right across the UK, the shipbuilding industry already makes a significant contribution to levelling up, strengthening the Union, and Building Back Better. The Government is therefore determined to support the shipbuilding enterprise to grow and thrive.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented:

"This strategy sets out a significant level of commitment from Government. Our ambitions are high and we expect industry to rise to them. I want to see industry taking the leap and making the most of the  comprehensive level of support this Government has provided. With this strategy Government has put the wind in the sails of UK shipbuilding, but it is industry whose hand is now firmly on the tiller. It is up to you to steer your sector to success. Achieving the vision will take all parts of the enterprise working together to build upon our maritime heritage and grasp the opportunities ahead of us to build back better. Because when we talk about bringing shipbuilding home, we have our sights set firmly on the future."

Over £4 billion of government investment will galvanise and support shipyards and suppliers across the UK, with new measures including better access to finance, vital skills-building, and funding for crucial research and development into greener vessels and infrastructure.

Designed in partnership with industry and delivered by the recently formed National Shipbuilding Office (NSO), the National Shipbuilding Strategy Refresh will also deliver a pipeline of more than 150 new naval and civil vessels for the UK Government and Devolved Administrations over the next 30 years. The vessels will include everything from large warships to Border Force cutters and lighthouse vessels.

From Portsmouth to Barrow, from Scotland to Plymouth, this strategy will deliver a future for our vital dockyards.


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