Offering more and faster support to Ukrainian refugees

I welcome the government announcement which updates the Ukraine Family Scheme, making it quicker and simpler for Ukrainians to come to the UK.

The refugee crisis caused by Putin's vile aggression against Ukraine is one of the worst Europe has ever seen and Britain must play our part. People and politicians of all political persuasions have been concerned that this needs to go faster.

  • Sadly, security concerns are very real. Given the track record of Russian governments, both under Putin and the previous Soviet Union regime whose downfall he openly regrets, in sending assassins to Britain to try to murder people who have crossed them, it is necessary for the safety both of everyone who is already in the country and Ukranian refugees themselves to make sure that neither the Putin regime nor any other hostile regime or criminal gang can exploit holes in our immigration system.
  • Nevertheless we must act faster to help Ukrainians fleeing the dire situation Putin has created in their country.
  • That is why the government is updating the Ukraine Family Scheme – developed in close consultation with Ukrainian leaders and the diaspora community – so that from Tuesday, Ukrainians with passports can get permission to come here online and give their biometrics once in Britain, meaning they no longer need to physically visit Visa Application Centres, which can focus efforts on helping those without passports. 
  • Further details regarding the humanitarian sponsorship scheme will be published on tomorrow.
  • This will make the process quicker and simpler, helping Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s aggression while keeping both the British people and the refugees themselves safe.


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