Giles Frazer on Putin's perversion of Jewish history

There is a very powerful piece by Giles Fraser on the Unherd site about the Putin regime's co-option of the story of the Holocaust to provide an utterly fraudulent justification for his attack on Ukraine.

It is particularly sick for the present Russian regime to present their unjustified and illegal war in Ukraine as an attempt to protect people from largely imaginary Nazis given that they are using this narrative to excuse an attack on a country whose elected president is Jewish and whose grandfather's brothers were murdered by real Nazis.

As Giles Frazer writes, 

 “I won’t dignify Putin’s narrative of liberation by arguing with it. You don’t rain down bombs upon innocent civilians if you want to liberate them. And you don’t bomb the holocaust memorial site at Babi Yar if you are intent on freeing the country from “Nazis”.”

You can read the article here.


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