International women's day

Today, on International Women’s Day, the government announced a new £20 million partnership to educate girls in developing countries – improving girls’ access to education and employment as we build back better. 

  • Even before the pandemic, millions of children globally did not have any access to school - and girls from disadvantaged families are particularly vulnerable to missing out, whether through poverty or prejudice.
  • That is why the UK government are announcing a new £20 million business partnership working with UNICEF and the private sector to support projects that improve access to education for girls – including new skills training, improving teaching, and redesigning training – all with a focus on science, technology, maths, and engineering. 
  • Delivering on this mission will be one of the best ways of ensuring the greatest protection from prejudice, and will provide real opportunities for women and girls across the developing world. 

The government also announced a new transparency pilot to tackle barriers to employment for women – levelling up employment opportunities for women across the country.  

  • The UK can only grasp its full potential by championing its brightest and best, and ensuring everyone, regardless of their background or sex, has the opportunity to succeed.
  • That is why the government is introducing a new transparency pilot to support women into employment, which will ensure that employers list salary ranges on job adverts and do not require applicants to disclose their salary histories.
  • These measures will put women on a firm footing when negotiating pay, closing salary gaps, tackling pay inequality, and supporting women into well-paid work. 


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