Thursday music spot: the Dambusters march

I understand why Lincoln Football club have decided to review the practice of playing the March of the Dambusters at their matches while the war in Ukraine lasts and of sounding Air Raid sirens when they score. 

In my humble opinion, suspending the air raid sirens was on balance probably the correct decision but to cease playing the Dambusters march was the wrong one, and I am posting it as my music spot this evening to make a point. Air raid sirens were designed to warn people when they are under imminent attack and I can see why using them to denote a goal could be seen as being in bad taste during a conflict - if there were Ukranian refugees at a match why it might even be traumatic for them.

However, without ever downplaying the cost of war or suggesting that war can ever by anything other than a terrible thing, it is right that we should celebrate the heroism of brave men and women who risked and sometimes lost their lives defending their country. 

The Lancaster crews of 617 Squadron for whom the "March of the Dambusters" was written were heroes who risked, and in far too many cases lost, their lives to defend our country and the freedom of the world just as the heroes of the Ukrainian defence forces are risking their lives to defend their country - and I would argue, ours as well - in fighting against Putin's illegal invasion of their homeland. Far from pulling the March of the Dambusters, wer should play it with an extra dedication of this march written to honour brave men who fought for freedom to also honour those who are doing so today.

Slava Ukraini!



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