Britain's ongoing support for Ukraine 1) - Military support

The Prime Minister has announced a major military support package for Ukraine at the NATO and G7 Leaders’ meeting, providing defensive weapons to help Ukrainians in response to Russia’s brutal tactics.

  • Putin is already failing in Ukraine but continues to subject the Ukrainian people to increasingly brutal tactics as they defend their homeland against his unprovoked assault.
  • That is why, at the NATO and G7 Leaders’ meeting today, the Prime Minister announced that Britain is providing an additional 6,000 anti-tank missiles and £25 million for the Ukrainian military – more than doubling the defensive lethal aid we have provided to more than 10,000 missiles, on top of our £400 million in humanitarian and economic aid to Ukraine.
  • We will continue to urge our allies to join us in strengthening Ukraine’s defence capabilities – to keep the flame of freedom alive in Ukraine as we stand shoulder to shoulder against tyranny.


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