Ukranian Refugees will be able to access benefits as soon as they arrive

The government has announced that people fleeing Ukraine and arriving in the United Kingdom will be able to immediately access benefits from day one. 

  • Following Putin’s abhorrent and illegal invasion of Ukraine, many of the British people have said how much they want to help as many Ukrainians as possible to come to the United Kingdom, and tens of thousands have backed their words with actions by offering space in their homes. We need to make this process as simple as possible for those arriving here.  
  • That is why the government has laid emergency regulations before parliament so those arriving can access Universal Credit and support from Work Coaches to find jobs from day one. We are also providing translation services and face-to-face assistance to those who need it. 
  • This will allow those fleeing the unimaginable horrors in Ukraine to rapidly get the support and help they need and move forward with their lives immediately. 


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