Blogging resumes

For the past few days, including the first four days of the Christmas holiday, I was unable to access this blog. The immediate issue which caused no longer applies.

The intelligent reader will easily be able to imagine a number of possible reasons why that might occur and why, for the security of my family in an age of cyber-aware criminals, I might not want to publish those reasons for anyone in the world to read. 

Many of my family and friends already know what happened: anyone who knows me personally and has not yet heard is welcome to contact me directly and ask, the issues are well on the way to being resolved and there is no serious reason to worry.

I plan many of the posts which appear here in advance, and unfortunately only one of those which I had written for this period actually went live on schedule, so rather than waste the work on the rest I have added them, showing with the dates they were originally planned for.

I am not going to retrospectively add posts such as quotes of the day for those where I had not already planned one, though I have retrospectively filled in one update series - the MoD Intelligence updates - so that anyone interested in the subject who was reading these posts on this blog will have access to a complete record.

I will review how I access this blog, and possibly arrange for a "guest editor" should I be temporarily unavailable, in the hope of ensuring that such a gap does not recur.


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