John Rentoul on the prospects for the next election.

Nobody who has lived through 2022 is going to dispute that the Conservatives are having a difficult time at the moment..

Sometimes governments which go through such a difficult period in mid-term subsequently recover and win the following general election: Mrs Thatcher managed it twice and John Major once.

Sometimes governments which go through a difficult time fail to get it together and lose at the following election.

Nobody should ever take the British people for granted and no party can be confident about the result of the next election: by the same token there is everything to play for.

There is an interesting piece by John Rentoul, chief political correspondent for The Independent, about a recent debate by political commentators on who might win the next election, which you can read by clicking on the link below: you may have to register.

This is how Rishi Sunak could win the next election | The Independent


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