More R&D Investment for advanced Telecommunications

Today the government also  announced a £110 million boost in R&D for next generation 5G and 6G telecoms technology – strengthening our telecoms supply chains whilst supporting new technologies and the high-skill jobs they create. 

  • Telecoms powering our phone and internet networks is evolving rapidly and with 6G on the horizon we must stay ahead of the curve. 
  • That is why the government is awarding three top UK universities £28 million to develop next-generation 6G network technology – as well as providing £80 million to fund a state-of-the-art UK Telecoms in the West Midlands, supporting the already booming tech-sector in the West Midlands. 
  • This funding will turbocharge work to strengthen Britain's telecoms supply chains, so we are no longer reliant on a handful of companies to develop and maintain the 5G networks our businesses and households rely on.
  • Full disclosure: I work for Openreach and am a shareholder in the BT group of companies. This post consists entirely of information from government and Conservative party sources and does not necessarily represent the views of BT or Openreach. 


Anonymous said…
Great news for GPT
Chris Whiteside said…
And for the other companies with which the investment money is spent.
And for people who work for those companies, and their supply chains.
And for telecommunications customers - which means all of us.

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