Rishi in Riga

Today, the Prime Minister attended a Joint Expeditionary Force meeting in Riga, calling on our allies to strengthen their efforts to counter Russian aggression and restore peace in Europe.

  • The Joint Expeditionary Force is a group of Northern European allies with a shared desire for peace in Europe – Britain is working in lockstep with them to defeat Putin and help Ukraine liberate itself.
  • That is why today the Prime Minister met with Joint Expeditionary Force leaders in Riga and urging his Baltic, Nordic and Dutch counterparts to match this government’s commitment on military aid to Ukraine by sustaining or exceeding their 2022 levels of military support to Ukraine in 2023.
  • Britain will continue to work alongside our allies to support Ukraine, stand up to Russian aggression and restore peace in Europe – so that we never face the threat of unprovoked aggression on the continent again.


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