The School Rebuilding Programme

During the lifetime of this Conservative government schools around the country have had long-awaited new buildings.

In Copeland the last Labour government talked ceaselessly about promises of new school buildings but never actually built any. By contrast since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, 

  • The new Whitehaven Campus for St Benedicts School and Mayfield, 
  • Whitehaven Academy
  • Seascale Primary School
  • Jericho Primary School

are just four of the schools which have benefitted from major new building projects.

And the programme continues. Today it was announced that 239 schools across the country will benefit from the fourth round of the School Rebuilding Programme, improving opportunities for our children with new state of the art facilities.

  • The quality of facilities in schools can have a significant impact on a student’s learning experience, so we must ensure that we continue to invest in schools to offer children the best opportunity to succeed.
  • That is why the government has announced the fourth round of the School Rebuilding Programme, backed by £1.8 billion in 2022–34 to rebuild and refurbish 239 more schools across the country, including updating and modernising buildings by creating state of the art sports halls, music rooms, science labs, and dining areas. 
  • This investment will improve the experience of students across the country in the schools most in need of new facilities – helping them to learn, develop, and achieve their full potential.


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