Cutting Edge genomics research

Today the government announced over £175 million for cutting-edge genomics research, creating the most advanced genomic health care system in the world – helping to save lives and improve health outcomes for patients. 

  • Helping patients get better care means bolstering the NHS workforce but also funding ground-breaking new technologies and medicines.
  • That is why the Conservative government is backing new genomic technology with £175 million – kickstarting world-leading research to explore the effectiveness of using whole genome sequencing to find a treat rare genetic disease in newborn babies and supporting new innovative cancer programmes, led by Genomics England – increasing the accuracy of cancer care. 
  • The NHS is a world leader in genomics and by investing in this cutting-edge research we are cementing our status as a life sciences superpower whilst offering better care for patients. 


Anonymous said…
Britain to be a eugenics superpower
Chris Whiteside said…
No, a genetics superpower.

It's not the same thing.

We're talking about curing cancer and other diseases and saving the lives of babies and other patients, not trying to create a master race.

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