An even worse case of double standards

I called out a Labour MP on Sunday for double standards after she tweeted exactly the sort of divisive political tribalism, praising people for using foul language to insult her political opponents, which she had rightly condemned in a  BBC interview last year.

But an even worse case of weapons grade double standards - and the metaphor was quite literally appropriate - came this week.

On Tuesday the capitals of both Ukraine and Russia were attacked by drones.

The Ukrainian government says that Kiev was attacked by 31 drones. Such attacks from Russia have become almost routine.

According to the UK Ministry of defence there have been about 20 attacks deep inside Ukraine by Russian launched drones and cruise missiles in May so far, and most of these included attacks on Kiev. According to the BBC the wave of drones fired against Kiev on Tuesday was the seventeenth such attack in May alone.

On the same night, for the second time since the war started fifteen months ago, someone fired drones at Moscow.  The Kremlin says that eight drones were fired at Moscow, which they blame on Ukraine (a claim that Ukraine denies.)

Russian propaganda describes this as a "terrorist attack."

As I have stopped believing a word that the Kremlin puts out, I would not rule out the possibility that the apparent drone strike on Moscow is a "false flag" attack staged by Moscow itself to whip up anger against Ukraine.

But let's suppose for the sake of argument that for once a Russian media statement is true.

If two attacks in fifteen months with a total of ten drones against Moscow are "terrorist attacks" what should we call dozens of attacks against Kiev with hundreds if not thousands of drones and cruise missiles?

The sheer hypocrisy and double standards are just unbelievable.


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