Why longer lorries are being approved

There is a difficult balance to strike involving both local and global environmental factors - some of which pull in different directions - and economic ones in deciding what length of lorries should be allowed on Britain's roads. 

So it was only after extensive safety trials and environmental assessments that the government has now decided to announce that longer lorries will be allowed on our roads, delivering a £1.4 billion boost to the economy. 

  • Everyone around the country depends on our haulage sector for their everyday needs and a strong, resilient supply chain is key to our priority to grow the economy.
  • That is why following extensive safety trials, the government is introducing longer semi-trailers (LSTs) of up to 18.55 meters on GB roads, allowing us to move the same amount of freight across the country with fewer journeys. Some of the biggest UK brands, such as Royal Mail and Greggs will benefit.
  • This will bring a £1.4 billion boost to the UK’s economy and save 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, supporting our haulage industry, growing the economy and creating jobs.


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