The biggest package of reforms to the Rental market in a generation

This week the government introduced once-in-a-generation rental reforms, empowering renters to challenge rogue landlords and enabling landlords to take action on anti-social behaviour.  

  • No family, nor individual should be forced to live in a damp, unsafe home, powerless to put things right – and with the threat of sudden eviction hanging over them. 
  • That is why the Conservatives are delivering on our manifesto commitment to abolish ‘no fault’ evictions, ensuring renters can challenge poor standards without fear of being evicted or forced to pay exorbitant rent increases. We are also supporting the vast majority of decent landlords by making it easier for them to recover properties and evict anti-social tenants. 
  • We will make sure the landlord-tenant relationship works better for everyone and deliver decent, safe, and secure homes for families across England.  


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