Trade deals with Australia and New Zealand come into effect

Today the first post-Brexit trade deals Britain has negotiated outside of the European Union will come into force, creating more high-paid jobs in the UK and new opportunities for British business as we grow the economy. 

  • Leaving the EU has involved both costs and benefits: one of the benefits is that outside the European Union, we are able to negotiate new trade deals which are specifically tailored to the strengths and needs of the UK economy to benefit British business and help grow our economy – as we have done with Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Today marks a historic moment as both the UK-Australia FTA and the UK-New Zealand FTA will come into force. The deals removes tariffs on all UK goods exports to the two countries, slashes red tape for digital trade and work visas and makes it easier for the UK to access their services markets.
  • Businesses up and down the country will now be able to reap the rewards of the improved trading opportunities provided by these deals and seize new opportunities, driving economic growth, innovation and higher wages.


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