Helping Ukraine


This week PM Rishi Sunak welcomed President Zelenskyy of Ukraine to Britain, as part of a tour by the Ukrainian leader seeking support in his country's struggle to defend itself against unprovoked, illegal and inexcusable Russian aggression.

  • This week the UK also announced that we will supply new missiles and long-range attack drones to Ukraine, standing by Ukraine as they continue in their fight against Putin.
  • The UK is leading the way in supporting Ukraine, defending democracy and ensuring Putin’s hideous and barbaric venture fails.
  • That is why, this week, the Prime Minister met with President Zelenskyy to discuss the UK’s ongoing support for Ukraine – humanitarianly, financially and militarily – including the UK’s £2.3 billion of support this year, and we confirmed the further provision of hundreds of air defence missiles and unmanned systems, including long range attack drones.
  • This is a message of solidarity that will ring loud in all of the Prime Minister’s meetings with world leaders. Putin’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy and the UK will stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies for as long as it takes.  


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