The PM's speech at the Council of Europe

Earlier this week the Prime Minister delivered a speech at the Council of Europe, reaffirming our commitment to work with our European allies on shared challenges, including growing the economy and stopping the boats.

  • Even though we have left the EU, we have not left Europe and we remain a proud European nation and are committed to working closely with our allies on our shared challenges. 
  • That is why the Prime Minister told the Council of Europe this week that we cannot sit back and watch as criminal gangs profiteer on people’s misery and exploit the most vulnerable, calling for greater cooperation among European nation to tackle the problem of illegal migration. To take no effective action about the boats isn't helping those in need - it is perpetuating a trade which is a risk to their lives.
  • Britain will keep working with our European allies to rise to the challenges we face to deliver on our priorities to grow the economy and stop the boats.


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