Quote of the day 20th May 2023

 "Not every change is a step forward"

The quote is from Timothy Zahn's novel, "Thrawn."

Here it is in context:

"One is born with a unique set of talents and abilities. One must choose which of those talents to nurture, which to set aside for a time, and which to ignore completely.

Sometimes the choice is obvious. Other times, the hints and proddings are more obscure. Then, one may need to undergo several regimens of training and sample several different professions before determining where one's strongest talents lie. This is the driving force behind many life-path alterations.

There are few sets of skills which match only one specific job. More often they are adaptable to many different professions. Sometimes, one can plan such a change. Other times , the change appears without warning.

In both instances, one must be alert and carefully consider all options. Not every change is a step forward." 


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