Second and "hell has officially frozen over" quote for Coronation Bank holiday Monday

Comments continue to come in about the remarkable skill displayed by Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt in holding an eight-pound sword upright for fifty one minutes during the Coronation.

Let me make clear that I am actually rather glad to live in a country where skill with the sword is no longer a requirement for politicians, but that doesn't stop it impressing me.

Nor is this a sexist comment, I would have been impressed with anyone, male or female, other than a  professional athlete or drill instructor who could hold a sword of that weight for that length of time.

One of the most unexpected messages of praise came from Alistair Campbell. As the Independent put it

'The usually scathing Alistair Campbell tweeted:'

“Don’t let anyone ever say I never say anything positive about Tories …. I am in awe of Penny Mordaunt’s arm and shoulder strength!”

Star Wars in joke coming up - 

I reckon that if Penny Mordaunt rather than Katee Sackhoff's character Bo-Katan Kryze were leader of the Mandalorians, she'd have polished off the evil Moff Gideon in five minutes without needing help from Baby Yoda and Din Djarin, or needing Axe Wolves to drop a cruiser on him. 


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