Building Britain's nuclear future

To build a future which combines energy security and protecting the environment, we need a mix of low carbon energy sources which includes both renewables and nuclear. So earlier this week the government announced plans to speed up preparations for the construction of Sizewell C with a £170 million investment, making good on the promises of Great British Nuclear which will lower energy bills, create jobs and grow the economy.

  • The aim of Great British Nuclear to have up to a quarter of all the UK’s electricity coming from nuclear energy – a clean, safe, reliable, and abundant supply of homegrown energy and enough to power 24 million homes across the country.
  • That is why we have confirmed a £170 million investment in Sizewell C, speeding up preparations for future construction as well as procuring key components and expanding the construction workforce so that building can get started as soon as possible.
  • Sizewell C will support 10,000 jobs nationwide as well as providing clean, reliable, and abundant energy – driving down bills and inflation, growing the economy and ensuring that the UK is never held to energy ransom by tyrants like Putin.


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