Promise kept: a defibrillator in every state school

The Conservatives promised that every state school in England would have a defibrillator: last week it was confirmed that we have delivered on that our promise and now every state school in England does have a defibrillator, providing life-saving treatment to schools across the country as we deliver stronger, safer communities. 

  • Having easy access to defibrillators in schools drastically increases the chances of pupils, teachers, and visitors surviving cardiac arrest.
  • That is why the Conservative government invested £19 million of taxpayers' money to deliver defibrillators to all state-funded schools in England, including all primary, special and alternative provision schools. This promise has been delivered with the successful provision of over 20,000 defibrillators to almost 18,000 schools since January, boosting their numbers in communities across the country. 
  • This milestone marks another step in delivering stronger, safer communities across the country, as we continue to deliver on the people’s priorities.


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