Scottish Nationalists sink to new low

You would think that with their party's former Leader and Scottish First Minister, former Chief Executive, and incumbent Treasurer all having been arrested by Police Scotland over serious corruption allegations, with 61% of Scots telling pollsters their current leader is doing a bad job, the worst rate of drug deaths in the UK and hundreds of millions of pounds wasted by SNP incompetence, that Scottish Nationalists might have enough to worry about without attempting to purge anyone in Scotland who doesn't share their views.

But you would think wrong.

The latest hate-fuelled crusade of the Cybernats has been petitioning to drop former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson from the Scottish Rugby Union board for no apparent reason other than her political views which they argue make her a "traitor to Scotland" - and the SNP Members of Parliament for Paisley and Renfrewshire seems to have nothing better to do with himself than to join in this witch-hunt, 

The online petition calling for her to be removed claims that Baroness Davidson's “polarising” presence as a non-executive director is “detrimental to the values and integrity of our beloved sport”.

The people whose actions are polarising, not to mention detrimental to the values and integrity of Rugby. are those who organised and signed this petition and who think it is a good idea to stop people from being involved with the sport because they don't share their political views.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “This is the latest example of nationalists once again struggling to accept someone in public life that does not share their views.

“Ruth has been a lifelong fan of Scottish rugby and we have no doubt that she’ll promote the game positively now that she’s on the board of Scottish Rugby.

“Humza Yousaf should be telling his MPs and supporters to focus on the real issues facing Scotland like the cost of living crisis, rather than whipping up resentment against Scottish Rugby.”


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