Labour start using Lib/Dem style bar charts

The Lib/Dems appear to have gone AWOL from the Selby & Ainsty by-election - in a month's campaigning I have not seen a single Lib/Dem canvasser, and neither I nor anyone else I know has had a Lib/Dem leaflet. Perhaps most unusual of all, I've not seen a single one of those silly "winning here" diamond shaped posters.

So, possibly spotting a gap in the market, the Labour campaign has nicked a Lib/Dem tactic. I've had a leaflet from the Labour candidate with a Lib/Dem style slogan "Labour surge ahead" and a Lib/Dem style bar chart with alleged canvass data which is suspiciously close to exactly what would be needed to show to support a Labour tactical squeeze message. Oh, what a surprise.

We will find out on Thursday whether it works. Personally I suspect the electorate is wise to the tactic.


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