Progress on the PM's five priorities

The Prime Minister has set out five priorities and the Conservative government continues to work towards achieving them.

  • Halving inflation. Inflation is at its lowest point since March 2022, down to 7.9 per cent, from 10.1 per cent at the beginning of the year. 
  • Growing the economy. This week Tata group announced they will invest over £4 billion in our automotive sector, creating 4,000 new jobs. Our £25 billion tax cut for business will continue to encourage more investment. 
  • Reducing debt. Funding our public services, without irresponsible borrowing, allowing us to meet out debt commitments. 
  • Cut waiting lists. There is much more to do, but two-year waits for treatment have been almost eliminated 18 month waits reduced by over 90 per cent since September 2021. 
  • Stop the boats. Against the Opposition’s best efforts we have enshrined our Stop the Boats Act into law, so if people come here illegally they will be detained and removed.


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