Four million more people in work

New jobs figures today show there are four million more people in work since Labour were last in power, showing that Britain is making progress on jobs and the economy as we work to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce debt. 

  • These are difficult times, with Britain’s economy disrupted by a Coronavirus pandemic which directly caused the worst recession for three hundred years and then impacted by Putin’s war in Ukraine. 
  • That is why the Conservative government is taking immediate action to fix the problems families are facing, while putting in place the long-term solutions. A recovering economy will mean reduced inflation and lower mortgage rates, more affordable food and energy and support for the NHS so people get the care they need more quickly. 
  • A stronger economy will mean we can strengthen communities and level up left behind areas, protect Britain’s long-term interests and restore pride in our country – we will build a stronger economy that will guarantee a better future for the next generation.

Remember - every single Labour government since World War II has increased unemployment, leaving office with higher  unemployment than when it was elected: for example, Blair came into office with unemployment in May 1997 at 7.2% and when Labour left office in May 2010 it was 7.9%. The previous Wilson/Callaghan Labour government came into office in February 1974 with unemployment at 3.5% and left office in May 1979 with unemployment at 5.3%. By contract most Conservative governments including the present administration have reduced unemployment: the present unemployment rate of 4% is about half what it was when David Cameron was elected in May 2010.

(Source : UK unemployment rate 2023 | Statista)


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