Improving Mobile Connectivity

This week the government announced new investment of £88 million to boost mobile connectivity across sporting venues and tourism hotspots, increasing resilience across our network and ensuring businesses can attract more customers as we grow the economy.

  • Whether you are in a busy city centre or a rural village, a fast and reliable mobile connection is vital to staying in touch, accessing services and doing business.
  • That is why we are investing £88 million into making our mobile networks more adaptable and resilient in sporting venues and across tourist hotspots, with future-proofed technology to support bringing lightning-fast connections across the country for many years to come.
  • These projects will introduce key solutions to increase the resilience of our mobile networks, connecting people and helping to grow the economy.

Full disclosure: I am an employee of Openreach and a small shareholder in BT PLC. However, all the information in this post came from Conservative Party or published government sources, and none from BT or Openreach. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of BT or Openreach.


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