Quote of the day 9th September 2023

Former World Chess Champion and Russian dissident Garry Kasparov has made this response to Elon  Musk, who disabled Starlink in Crimea last year to disrupt Ukraine's strike on the Russian fleet.

“Putin backs down when confronted with force & strikes when he feels safe”, Kasparov wrote.

The full quote:

“Exposing how dangerous it is to have fickle, misinformed oligarchs with leverage over US national security. SpaceX & Starlink are marvelous, but if Musk's delusional "anti-war" agenda leads him to interfere with their services to Russia's advantage, it's a huge risk.

Russian ships in the Black Sea and bases around it launch missiles into Ukrainian marketplaces and destroy vital shipping and food processing facilities, threatening millions with starvation. But according to Musk, the real danger is Ukrainian defending itself?

The provocation fallacy has been refuted many times, recently by Prigozhin's mutiny. Putin backs down when confronted with force & strikes when he feels safe. Ukraine has hit occupied Crimea & Russian sites repeatedly. Escalation risks rise when Putin is winning, not losing.”


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