The National Suicide Prevention Strategy

Today the government announced a new National Suicide Prevention Strategy, with over 100 actions to get the number of suicides in England falling in the next two and a half years as we build on our investment in mental health services to save lives.

Too many people are still affected by the tragedy of suicide, which is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 50 and a major cause of death in women too: the Samaritans answer a call for help every 10 seconds, and tragically, around every 90 minutes someone dies from suicide in the UK alone. 
  • Furthermore, many of these tragic deaths are preventable. 
  •  So the government is today announcing a new National Suicide Prevention Strategy, with over one hundred actions to help decrease the number of suicides in England within two and a half years, including a national alert system to combat emerging methods of suicide and refreshed guidance for first responders.
  • This new, cross-government strategy will help build on the £13.6 billion we have invested just this year to transform and improve our nation’s mental health services, help recruit 9,300 extra mental health workers and – most importantly – save lives.
More details of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan can be found be following the link below:


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