Quote of the day 22nd September 2023

"The debate about climate change is stuck between two extremes: those who want to deny climate change or abandon Net Zero altogether because the costs are too high, and those who want to go further and faster with no regard to the cost to people’s lives or how much our country has already achieved compared to others. We need to change this debate – and forge a credible path to reach Net Zero by 2050 that brings people with us and is properly transparent about the choices involved."

(This is a line from a Conservative Research Department briefing sent out this week. I thought it was worth pulling out and publishing on it's own as a quote, because, regardless of where you stand on the proposals the PM put forward this week, you can agree with all of them, disagree with all of them, or like some but not others, but this is a really good point which can stand on its' own. 

We do need a more intelligent debate about how to protect our planet's environment which steers a successful course between these two extremes - and doesn't involve pretending that anyone who disagrees with you about a particular policy must be a fully paid up member of one of the extreme camps, either.)


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