Sir Flip Flop strikes again

Most of the posts on this blog concentrate on positive things the government and the Conservatives are doing or positive suggestions for things I want to see, rather than attacks on other parties. But I am going to make an exception and call out the latest egregious U-turn by the flip-flop king, also known as the leader of the opposition.

This country needs more houses. Young people and first-time buyers particularly need us to provide more homes, in the right places, with the right infrastructure. So when the government found a way to unlock 100,000 more homes in places which have support from the relevant local councils, without weakening overall environmental protection (because other and more effective measures would be put in place to deal with the nutrient problem rather than unnecessary blocks on new housing) the initial impression was that Labour would support it.

Just a fortnight ago Labour's Lisa Nandy was claiming that Labour would support effective measures to get Britain building.

But today Sir Keir Starmer took the easy way-out, chasing votes in the short-term rather than having the principles to do what is right for our country

  • We have delivered 2.3 million homes since 2010 but we know we must go further to grow the economy and extend homeownership for future generations. That is why we will bring forward changes to outdated EU rules which are blocking 100,000 homes. 
  • Instead of backing our proposal this evening in the House of Lords the Labour Party voted against it, and it was lost by about 20 votes. This will delay the construction of these homes by at least a year, and forever if Labour win the next election (unless of course they flip-flop again when in power.).
  • Why? Because despite pledging to take ‘effective action’, Sir Keir Starmer flip-flopped yet again and instead adopted a short-term position, telling people what they want to hear, just to win votes. At every opportunity he takes the easy way out rather than doing what is right.



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