Rishi at the G20

As the Prime Minister attends the G20 summit in India, he will announce support to alleviate the global impact of Putin’s weaponisation of Ukrainian grain, supporting vulnerable people worst hit by rising food prices.

  • Families both in Ukraine and across the world continue to suffer as a direct result of Putin’s brutal invasion 18 months ago. His invasion has made daily life more difficult for households across the planet.     
  • That is why the Prime Minister will announce today to G20 leaders that the UK will convene an international food security summit in November. The event will bring together government representatives from across the world, including vulnerable countries, with international organisations, NGOs, researchers and private sector companies, to tackle the causes of food insecurity and malnutrition.   
  • The UK will continue to support vulnerable people who have been worst hit by rising food prices and we will continue to stand with our allies against Putin’s illegal war. 


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