Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A591 re-opens

Delighted to hear that the A591 between Keswick and Windermere has re-opened this morning, three weeks ahead of schedule.

Since the December floods wrecked part of the A591 near Thirlmere, many residents have had to take massive detours which have often gone through routes like Kirkstone Pass or required people to go via Kendal and the M6, often adding around an hour to their journey times. Traders will also welcoming re-opening of the road: estimates suggest they have lost millions of pounds in lost revenue while the road has been shut.

A section of the road between the junction for St John's in the Vale, just south of Keswick, and Dunmail Raise, was washed away during a landslip. The repair was a joint project between Highways England and the County Council.

The road was declared officially opened this morning by Environment Minister and Penrith and The Border MP Rory Stewart.


Jim said...

its great that the A591 has reopened, but i think we should have "tested" it in mid January, by sending this down it.

Chris Whiteside said...

From most other people I would have assumed that was a suggestion that we sabotage the Leave campaign by getting rid of their campaign bus.

I presume however that you are suggesting that drowning half the prominent Leave campaign members would help the "out" cause!

Jim said...

I am simply pointing out that the message on the side of bus (both parts ie the sum of £350m, and how much extra we will be able to throw at the NHS), is utter rubbish, and deserves to be thown into a lake and forgotten about.

I don't see that as "sabotaging" the leave campaign, I think its more like trying to save it. (For the record - I'm most certainly not suggesting we drown anyone though)

Chris Whiteside said...

Joking aside, you are absolutely right - I have a post on the same issue scheduled for later today.

The real cost of EU membership is a vast sum of money - a more realistic net figure is about £160 million a week.

Surely they could make the argument using this accurate figure.

Quoting the exaggerated sum of £350 million a week simply brings the leave side into disrepute.